Not just any old mast  by brigette

Not just any old mast

This pole is the Tiri mast with rigging from one of the boats used by the pirate music broadcaster, Radio Hauraki who pioneered independent radio in New Zealand. The took a boat out into the harbour to broadcast because only offical radio stations were permitted a licence. We owe a lot to them, paving the way for modern independent broadcasting. Recently one of the founders - David Gapes passed away - i'd met him a few times as he was very good friends with one of my own close friends.
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great back story to this "old mast"
April 5th, 2024  
Cool story/history. Radio pioneers
April 6th, 2024  
Fascinating history there!
April 6th, 2024  
Amazing capture and history!
April 6th, 2024  
Lovely image. Your narrative reminded me of listening to Radio Luxembourg back in the late 60s and early 70s.
April 6th, 2024  
Interesting narrative
April 6th, 2024  
Interesting history! Isn't it "funny" how we become used to modern conveniences and never really think of the hurdles and obstacles many went through to bring to us!
April 8th, 2024  
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