The Wind, She Did Blow

"Frae ghosties and ghoulies, long-leggetie beasties, And things that go bump in the night, Good lord deliver us."

That bump in the night got our attention. Even when you don't have a chain saw in your hands, you know what the sound and feel of a tree landing sounds and feels like on that final _THUMP_. The drain field is no worse for ware, the drive way to the front is clear, save the small branches that were pruned by the wind. The cracking of wood that was heard toward the front of the property was from across the road and partial down the cross street, found that out when the power company trucks flashed their arrival.All in all, we survived last night without power for three (3) hours (that you weather station for keeping track of recording time).

Now to clean up the mess and check in back to see if the snag finally went over, the tree that I have to winch to the ground, but really don't want to.

Merry Christmas
It is very very unsettling to hear the snap, or thud of a tree being toppled. I hope that the clean up goes smoothly.
posted December 16th, 2018  
@joysabin soon as the rain lets up...oh, wait, that may not be until June. The standing piece is down and needs to be cut up and hauled, as with what you see here.
posted December 16th, 2018  
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