Blue door by catangus

Blue door

Abstract view of the hinge from a shipping container door.
Liked the shapes and lines but on reflection I think I maybe could have done it better
composition on something like this is tricky, I think you have created lots of great lines
March 24th, 2023  
Cool pov.
March 24th, 2023  
Nice shot😊
March 24th, 2023  
This is fabulous!
March 25th, 2023  
@koalagardens thank you for the help and encouragement. I guess it’s really about trying different ideas different perspectives until you get it right. Unless your one of those gifted intuitive artists who seem to get the perfect shot almost instantly
March 26th, 2023  
@haskar @mubbur @pamalama
Thank you very much for your comments.
March 26th, 2023  
It works @catangus, you have some leading lines that the view follows and the whole essence of this photo was more to capture the vibrant colour and less the subject. Your rainbow month just pops and looks fabulous !
March 26th, 2023  
@mazoo thank you so much for the feedback it really helps and for your great encouragement
March 27th, 2023  
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