2021-04-18 Maeda Mansion by cityhillsandsea

2021-04-18 Maeda Mansion

Well, it's not been the Maeda mansion for a very long time... this is the Kamakura Museum of Literature, which apparently Yukio Mishima included in his novel "Spring Snow". It was built in 1936 and the Maeda family used it as a villa - they donated it to Kamakura city who made it into a museum about all the literary types who've lived in the area, somehow failing to include myself...
nice place :)
April 18th, 2021  
It's beautiful
April 18th, 2021  
Wonderful pic!!
April 18th, 2021  
@photographycrazy @linnypinny @pdulis It's lovely isn't it? My new goal is to live here so I have started saving my pennies. I figure if I don't drink coffee and cut down on avocado toast, I should be able to afford this place round about the time the universe ends.
April 19th, 2021  
!! I was there a few years ago !! I was visiting a professor in the area and she took me to visit this place. You must be drinking super expensive coffee and buying premium avocado! I endorse the dream of living there some day.
April 22nd, 2021  
@jyokota Well you never know, maybe there'll be a market crash & I'll get lucky somehow...
April 23rd, 2021  
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