Stormy seas by danette

Stormy seas

I wouldn't want to be on this sailboat on the ocean with a storm and lightning.
Lovely shot and I like the pretty blues.
June 19th, 2016  
Terrific shot of those choppy seas. I don't even like being in my car when it's lightening out, let alone on a boat.
June 19th, 2016  
Cool shot
June 19th, 2016  
I feel seasick
June 19th, 2016  
Lovely blues though
June 19th, 2016  
when i was around 12 or so my brother and i got caught in a thunder storm sailing with our dad. we thought it was fun, but now i realize why dad was so worried. good fathers day memory because he has been gone a long time.
June 19th, 2016  
Me, neither!! Cool shot, though!
June 20th, 2016  
No, that isn't somewhere I would want to be either. Funny how the weather can change the mood - this looks lonely. If the sky was blue with sunrays, it would be delightful.
June 21st, 2016  
Nice image that feels like sweet solitude to me..
July 1st, 2016  
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