People able to download all your images from instagram

August 15th, 2019
Hi Guys, I thought I would share what I learnt today.

I decided to google my name to see what comes up and I was shocked to see that one of my photos from Instagram was being given out freely as a download.
I also found out that a further link provided access to downloading of ALL my photographs uploaded to instagram with just the click of one button.

The site in question was

Unfortunately my Instagram account was one that someone had downloaded everything from. Hence I decided to delete my instagram account.

All they need is for your Instagram account to be public (which mine was so that I was able to share photos via hastags). Not sure if anyone else has a public Instagram account ( All they need is the @username), But if you do please be aware of this.

I managed to stop the link to all my photos from being downloaded, by deleting my account. However I am unable to stop the following photo from download ( ) as it is obviously uploaded to a different server somehow and not linked to my (now deleted) instagram account.

I just thought I would share to make others aware of the risk you take if you have a public instagram account. I also found out that there are quite a few other websites that allow you to access peoples instagram photos and videos for your personal download, without notifying the original account holder.

I never considered myself naive, and I was aware of the many ways people can get your photos, but this is so simple, quick and easy and with my photos being on instagram, I naively thought they were safe.
August 15th, 2019
well gee! that is something! how do you know your photos have been downloaded? your link doesnt work for me
August 15th, 2019
@kali66 the link should work now for you to see. When I wrote the post above it caught the end bracket onto the link, so made it not work. Try this one and you should see my tawnyfrog mouth image :(
August 15th, 2019
says page not found
it is possible to download/ save image as', from this site as well btw
August 15th, 2019
@kali66 I am pleased the link no longer seems to work. I understand you can download and save image from this website and many others, but you have to do it for each photo. This websites allows people to download in only a few seconds all images from an instagram account. I guess I should have known that anything is possible :)
August 15th, 2019
@kali66 This is what the link looked like for me.

August 15th, 2019
it might be that google just randomly selected it as a popular photograph of yours when you searched your name. , what do you find if you image search with that photo i wonder? has anyone used it other than yourself?
August 15th, 2019
@kali66 not sure. I googled the website used. Its consistently used to download images people want from Instagram. Anyway it's over for me, I've no longer got Instagram. I just thought others might like to know about the risk.
August 15th, 2019
Oh my!!! I am so torn here. I have personal insta and a few public accounts but I thought I needed them for business. But I'm twice about them now!
August 15th, 2019
@kgolab Thank you so much for this information. I stopped using my Instagram when I joined here but I will warn my niece who is a designer and puts her work on Instagram.

You may have seen that there have been a few discussions about photos from this 365 site being shared, mainly on a Chinese website. We were noticing high viewing figures on stats of old photos. It spoilt it a bit for me in that if I get high viewing now I restrict the photo to friends but it is not in the spirit of being in a community where you would like to look at others images and share your own. I googled my name, username and 365 to find several photos on although this site doesn't seem to open now..and anyway it was in Chinese!

The first discussion is here in case you didn't see it
August 15th, 2019
So sorry this happened to you. I clicked on your link and it came up as page not found.
August 15th, 2019
I really dont worry about this sort of thing. If you post on the internet its likely someone will use an image at somepoint. Best you can do is post them as a low resolution.
August 16th, 2019
I searched my name on the savig sight and my account has download under each photo.
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