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July 3rd, 2023
A video about Vivian Maier and what drives one to take photographs
July 3rd, 2023
Thanks for sharing that. Food for thought, indeed!
July 4th, 2023
I enjoyed that. It was really interesting and left me with some questions that I have trouble answering. I like taking photographs that please me and try not to take ones just so that they will be appreciated or liked by others. At the same time, just by entering a challenge or a competition I am, on some level trying to produce an image that is pleasing to others. But apart from that, even when I am taking an image purely to please myself, there is some part of me that is trying to set it up to force the viewer to see the scene in a certain way. To get my view of the scene through to them, or to make a comment on the scene through my photograph. If no one ever sees those images is there a point? Maier's photographs are amazing, and fascinating, but if they had never come to light, if someone had cleaned out her room and tossed all the negatives on the fire, what would have been the point. I don't know if people need to see your work to make you a photographer but is there a point to being a photographer if your work is never seen?
July 4th, 2023
@gardencat Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I have mixed feelings about this topic.
On the one hand, I completely agree with your idea: what's the point of photographing if nobody sees the result. After all, photography is a visual art. It is meant to be seen.
On the other hand, bearing in mind the time when Vivian took the photos and the technology back then - perhaps she enjoyed the process of taking the shots and the processing more than the results. Some say that that's the way to tackle art: enjoy the process and the result will find it's own audience.

Of course we all don't have to suddenly delete our 365 accounts :D :D :D
But it is very wise to keep an open mind about the world. And consider and ponder over other perspectives as well.
July 19th, 2023
Interesting, that's what makes the art of photography so unique.

Being a photographer holds diverse meanings for individuals, from personal expression to powerful storytelling and social impact. Through their lenses, photographers contribute to the collective understanding of the world, capturing its beauty, challenges, and complexity. They document history, inspire others, and foster empathy and positive change.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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