Credentialling AI generated photographs

October 16th, 2023
A question that I can't get into focus for myself. What is AI as applied to photography, and when and where is it acceptable?

Many editing programs espouse AI as at least one of the features. For example, there is AI noise reduction,AI cloning, AI subject addition, AI sky replacement, etc.

When a photo is created without an underlying photo taken by the photographer, the answer is easy to arrive at. But when an actual photograph is the starting point, is there a point when AI editing program features become too much and the result is deemed unacceptable due to AI content?

In an extreme example, if the editing program had a one step "AI photo enhancement" that took a photograph and added or subtracted features and did all of the enhancement, as opposed to multi-step where you used individual "AI editing tools" to do the same, is one AI generated and the other not.

Every time I think about this I come to a different cconclusion. Curious what others think.
October 16th, 2023
@jnr A great response from you and yet all the questions remain. I am not a photographer but someone who loves snapping what is around me. For that reason I doubt that it would be helpful to me.

On the other hand, after reading this for the first time I tried a generative fill in PS. The result actually shocked me as it was so perfect. I will post a before and after on my page in due course.

I have no idea where this will all lead to for the professional photographers out there, it is just not my world. Maybe I am just too old and conservative ;-)
October 16th, 2023
@ankers70 Thanks for the info Suzanne, so much happening out there ;-)
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