Weekly Plus-Minus Critique - Green Theme

July 11th, 2016
Carrying on a weekly critique theme started by @myhrhelper - the goal of this weekly thread is to help us hone our composition and editing skills, as well as improve our ability to provide helpful constructive criticism.

This weeks theme is "green"


Posting Rules:

(1) Post a photo that fits the weekly theme. It may be a photo you just took or a photo you took some time ago that you like.
(2) Do NOT post a photo if your feelings get hurt easily –
(3) Also keep in mind the comments are often someone’s opinion and their opinion may be different than yours so you may learn something or not.
(4) TAG your photo "plusminus-green"
(5) TITLE the photo you post so others can refer to the title when commenting.

Commenting Rules:

(1) You will make a plus & minus comment on as MANY PHOTOS as you would like to comment on.
(2) Your comment must include at least One positive comment of what you specifically like about the photo (No More than THREE positive). Generic comments such as “great shot” does not count as a positive feedback.
(3) Your comment must ALSO INCLUDE One improvement suggestion (NO More than THREE suggestion of improvement per photo per person). Generic comments such as “I don’t like it” doesn’t count as a suggestion of improvement.
(4) YOU MAY NOT COMMENT ON A PHOTO IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO SAY A PLUS AND MINUS ON THE SAME PHOTO. In other words something positive AND an improvement suggestion.
(5) Keep comments to photos relatively brief
(6) REFER TO THE PHOTO TITLE if provided when commenting

Previous themes:
1. architecture
2. portraits
3. black and white
4. landscape
5. night time
July 11th, 2016

This was taken with LG G4 phone with edits in snapseed
July 12th, 2016
Green Wheels, Green Grass
With all the different greens in this shot, it just seemed like the right one for this plus minus theme.

Taken on Canon Rebel and SOOC.

July 12th, 2016
@phillyphotos Thank you for posting this. I was going to find someone to host it this week and ended up busy

Paula your green fern is very cool and I love the dof - I am really not a good judge on these types of shots so my comments may be out of line - typically in most photographs I look to see what is the subject but with this type of photo the whole thing is the subject. I will be interested to see what suggestions others give

@granagringa Nice composition, rule of thirds and plenty of space in the direction of the biker - I would suggest to somehow make the biker standout from the background since as it is it becomes a little less interesting. I know that you are shotting SOOC - I just feel a little more editing could make the biker pop and make the shot a little more compelling.
July 12th, 2016

I'm just stopping by on a very quick visit and will be back to plus&minus soon.

I don't have anything yet for this week's theme but I hope to take part soon. I just wanted to say that this thread is a GREAT idea and I'm looking forward to getting involved.
July 15th, 2016

Fishing Boat
July 15th, 2016
@granagringa I do like how you captured green in the landscape and in the bike so the shades can all play off each other. I would straighten the photo a bit (the seams in the curb are a great reference)

@fotoblah I really like the composition that while the netting is in the front, the boat really just fills the screen. I do love when a photo falls off the edges in a more detailed shot. In that same concept, I am not sure i would have cropped the netting so tight on the left.
July 15th, 2016
@myhrhelper Thanks for the feedback. Glad the composition works. And I guess it is time for me to get more into editing. The idea of more time on a computer and the learning curve for editing programs is a bit daunting for me. Would you recommend lightroom or photoshop for an easier learning curve. Thanks.

@phillyphotos Thanks for the comments I had thought about straightening the sidewalk, but it was actually going uphill. I'll play with straightening and see how it works. Good input.
July 15th, 2016
@phillyphotos I really like that the shot is full frame and the colors come through as really vibrant. The depth of field is interesting. I like the focus and the background but the foreground lack of focus for me is bit off. It seems to be where my eye is drawn to rather than the focused area.

@fotoblah I agree with Paula on how the image "falls off the edges" and the rest is in my mind's eye. How do you think the shot would work if you cropped more of the netting off, just to the left of the biggish square shape. I think that my eye would be directed more into the photo that way and keep the vision towards the right.
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