March 24th, 2018
v w
My first ever attempt at a macro, im just a beginner but here it is. Used camera+ app for this one!

March 25th, 2018
Nice start! Have you taken various different ones? I might try it with the fruit entirely filling the frame, or with a border all the way round. They're arranged quite flatly, so the focus front to back looks ok. Good start at using the shadow at the lower left to throw the best strawberry into prominence.
July 17th, 2018
I also started with macro, not with the usual macro objective but with adopter rings... why? Cause they are way cheaper and i first wanna try out if macro is something for me :)
That way you can use the objectives you have and play around with em.. I use my 50mm kit lens with the adopter rings and sometimes, sometimes get great results..
August 19th, 2018
I would suggest getting them out of that plastic crate and present them in a dish or perhaps on a cutting board. I would also say you got some poor "models" :) Next time you''re at the grocery, look for strawberries that are deep red and as well formed as possible.
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