New Artist Challenge - Max Wanger

posted June 19th, 2017
Thanks to all who have participated in the Artists Challenge and to @stephanies for hosting the last one and choosing such a nice artist to study.

My chosen artist is the American photographer Max Wanger. I did look at others but kept coming back to him because he's one of my personal favourites. I love his quirky and unique style and his minimalist work.

The link to his work on Instagram is here : and also

The challenge will run from today 19th June 2017 and end on 3rd July 2017, I will then pick my finalist and open the vote.

There are no rules apart from taking the photo during the time frame. You may take a photograph that is in the artist’s style, or simply be inspired by the artist's work. You may also enter as many pictures as you please

You may opt to post your entry on to this discussion. if you do, simply click on the three dots (…) at the bottom of your photo’s narrative, copy the Embed Code and paste it on your comment here. you may submit multiple entries.

Please tag your photographs: max-wanger. I look forward to seeing your entries. Have fun ;-)
posted June 19th, 2017
You are being tagged here because you have entered in previous artist challenges or expressed interest in putting in an entry. Should you not wish to be tagged in future challenges, please let us know, but be nice, please.

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posted June 20th, 2017
great portrait ideas, especially the high key with bright colours. and i like the polaroids, hmmm lighting and studio setup hacks needed !
posted June 20th, 2017
posted June 20th, 2017
@marcy0414 hahaha brilliant MaRCY!
posted June 20th, 2017
@marcy0414 super imitation of 'Gracyn & the marigold'! Lol
posted June 20th, 2017
@jesperani Nice selection Jennifer!
posted June 23rd, 2017

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