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posted July 17th, 2017
Before I post the next Artist Challenge I'm curious if there is a list somewhere on 365 of previous artists that we have used? Can anyone help
posted July 17th, 2017
hi debbie. @mikegifford created the list in this link a few rounds ago (though it doesn't seem to include martin parr, who was my choice at some point ...) hope that helps. looking forward to seeing who you choose :)
posted July 19th, 2017
@deborah63 Debbie, sorry for the late reply. I didn't create the list but it has been updated by others as they post. It's a Google doc spreadsheet.

@pistache Clare, we can probably do some background checking on when Martin Parr was the featured in the Artist Challenge, but if you know roughly the timeframe we can add Martin to the spreadsheet to keep the list current.
posted July 20th, 2017
@mikegifford @pistache

Thanks for info Mike and Clare.
I've just updated the list with Martin Parr, Max Wanger and Kathleen Clemons. I hope it works :)
I'll also post a link to this spreadsheet with the new challenge and hopefully it will stay on their for future challenges.
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