What's interesting about your laundry basket? Challenge your eye!

November 17th, 2019
Hi, my fellow 365'ers,

Thank you for letting me win one of my favorite challenge: the Eye Of The Beholder #113! The timing was special: it came to me as a birthday present on November 14th :) Thank you for that, voters and wonderful host Larry @lsquared. You've made my day!

This challenge is all about letting others see the beauty in something quite ordinary or boring, plain, overlooked or even ugly. It's all about challenging your eye to see the EXTRAordinary in the ordinary. That could be a shadow in a place you normally wouldn't pay attention to (see this laundry basket pic below).

This challenge has no special item: look around with open eyes, an open mind and show us the hidden beauty in your photo, macro, micro or meso ;)
Surprise yourself and us! Don't let anyone disturb you when you're in the process of photograbbing the inside of (for example) a washing machine! (see below)

The challenge starts (backdated): November 14th.
The challenge ends: Sunday 8th of December at midnight (use your own time zone).
Tag: eotb114.
The photos must be made in this time zone.
I'll put up a voting asap after the deadline. The winner will be the next host. Thrilling.

Please share as many entries as you like to this thread. It will put you into the spotlights and keeps this challenge visible in the jungle of challenges ;)
And, please, don't overdo the editing. There's the etsooi challenge for.

I'm so looking forward to see the extraordinary world through your eyes!
Have fun going the EXTRAORDINARY mile ;)

(Thanks at Wendy, @farmreporter, who makes the SH*T List every time as a helpful guide!)

November 18th, 2019
That makes a great challenge.
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