New Abstract challenge 45

September 13th, 2020
Thank you to Heidi @translantic99 for hosting the last challenge and thank you to Louise @lmsa for telling me that i had one and that the challenge is down to me. I apologize For the delay on starting the new challenge.

Abstract photography is difficult to define. Taking a subject and forcing the viewer to look at it differently. The subject of the photograph is reduced to only Shape, Light, Texture And Colour. My favorite part of this area of photography is there are no rules, you are the composer of your abstract creation, it comes down to you what you find interesting or beautiful.

I have been asked to start the challenge asap, so the dates are from today 13th September 2020 to 12th October 2020

To see current entries go to or pit abstract-45 into the "browse - By Tag"section at the top of the page.

Post your abstract image with the tag Abstract-45.

Look forward to seeing your images.
September 13th, 2020
@moonbi 👍
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