Scenes of the Road # 24

September 14th, 2020
Scenes of the Road is a rolling challenge that just starts again as soon as the previous one ends which means round 24 is now open for entries. Thanks to everybody who voted for my image. As winner, it falls on me to host the next round.

So, without further ado, let’s start Scenes Of The Road #24!

Capture a scene off the road, of a road, next to a dirt path, of the traffic during your commute, from the platform of a train station, people waiting at a bus stop, out the window of a plane, or the scope of a submarine...etc. Show us something in your travels. Capture something of the world, of life we pass by every day.

Obviously the disclaimer: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN HARM'S WAY.

Tag your entries: scenesoftheroad-24

Start date - Sunday 13 Sept
Finish date - Sunday 27 Sept (2 weeks)

All photos must have been taken and posted within this time frame.

Check out all the entries here: scenesoftheroad-24

As before, there will be a vote at the end and the winner gets to host the next round.

Please post your entries in the comments here, so everyone can be inspired!
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