Artist Challenge Extended

February 21st, 2021
Thank you, Kali @kali66 for helping me make up my mind to extend this challenge. With only one entry until yesterday, I was going to declare Stephomy @stephomy the winner. However, with two members entered, we now have a contest, and this artist deserves more entries.

So, the Artist Challenge (Jeff Wall) is now extended until Monday, March 8th to give members who are heavily involved with the popular Flash of Red an opportunity to get an entry in.

Check out the original challenge thread:

Thank you, and l am looking forward to seeing all your creative interpretations of this great photographer.
February 21st, 2021
That's a good idea. I wondered if the FOR challenge might have clashed with this one.
February 21st, 2021
i had tagged mine incorrectly until yesterday! so glad i figured that out lol
February 22nd, 2021
oh yay! I will really try to have a go
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