World Wide Minute 2021-F.A.Q. and Theme

March 2nd, 2021
Hello again Lovely 365'ers!
With less than 2 weeks until WWM2021, below you will find an F.A.Q. and the theme for this year. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Missed my 1st post? See here:

- Is it only 5:47pm Vancouver time?
- No, it is 5:47pm in whatever time zone you happen to exist in at that moment.

- Do I have to post the photo at 5:47 pm as well?
- No, just take the photo and post it when you get the chance!

- Where do I post the photo?
- Please post your photo to your profile here on 365 AND if you have Facebook.

- Can I post a REALLY good photo that I took at a completely different time?
- You are completely on your honour here, but no, the photo must be taken at
5:47pm, in order to "share" a moment with the world.

- Can I invite friends? Or share the event?
- Yes! Please do! The more the merrier!

- Can I post ranty political stuff with my photo?
- I mean, it's your minute, you are free to do what you like what that minute. But please consider: this event is all about inclusivity, kindness, and is of a celebratory nature. Any image that is obviously hurtful or goes against these loose guidelines will be removed at the hosts and co-hosts discretion. Having said that - we've NEVER had to do that, so it just confirms my belief that you folks are good folks πŸ™‚

- Can I photoshop or touch up my photo?
- Absolutely! It's your moment, do whatever you feel best represents it.

- Do I have to be a photographer to participate?
- Absolutely not!! This is event is open to everyone, everywhere.

Finally, the THEME for 2021 is:This year's theme is: Tourist in your Own Town!!
If I were to come visit you (and indeed, I would LOVE to!) where would you take me? What would you show me? What would we do?
You don't have to live in a major tourist center to show off your town! It can be a simple cup of coffee in your favourite cafe, or a walk through your favourite woods! We can't travel right now, but let's do the next best thing! Let's take a virtual trip through your hometown!
March 3rd, 2021
the 15th is a Monday so i expect you'll be getting an excellent view of my computer at 5:47pm πŸ™ƒπŸ€£
March 3rd, 2021
@northy πŸ˜‚
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