June 12th, 2021
Thank you Amy for hosting MFPIAC #102.

For #103 the theme will be 'The Beach'

Your collage can be any shape, but MUST contain 6 photos, can include those from your archives or a series of photographs you take specifically for the collage. They can be pictures you've posted here on 365 or ones you've never shared but MUST have been taken by you pressing the shutter.

Photo collage making apps that are popular include PhotoCollage, PicCollage, PiZapare ,PicsArt. Picmonkey, Ipiccy and Befunky

Please tag your entries - MFPIAC103
and do please post your collage in the thread below.

The Water MFPIAC challenge begins now on Saturday, June 12 and will end Saturday, July 3rd when voting will start.

The winner will host the next collage competition.

Here's a list of recent previous themes

Plants (MFPIAC95)
Silhouettes (MFPIAC96)
Show Us Where You Live (MFPIAC97)
A Typical Sunday (MFPIAC98)
Golden Hour (MFPIAC100)
Weather (MFPIAC 101)
Water (MFPIAC102)
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