Abstract-59 is Underway

November 23rd, 2021
Well, I was quite surprised when my image was picked as a finalist and even more surprised when it received enough votes to make it a winner. Albeit, in a very close vote. Thank you all who entered the challenge and to those who viewed and voted. And now it is my honour to host Abstract-59.

This challenge is all about seeing abstract in the real world. It is opening your eyes to see abstract in the shapes, forms, colors, textures, details all around us.

As for the rules and tips - use your imagination but try to make your image with the abstract in mind rather than using too many special effects in post processing to make your image abstract. But mainly, have fun with this.

Start date: Thursday, November 18 (back dated to end of Abstract 58)
End Date: Thursday, December 16
Tag: Abstract-59

Any photos taken in that time frame are eligible. Enter as many photos as you wish but, of course, only one entry may be chosen as a finalist

Entries may be viewed at: https://365project.org/tags/abstract-59

Here are some useful links posted by previous hosts

And, of course, you are encouraged to post your entry to this thread to keep the challenge current and high on the discussion board. But, it if does fall back, you can find all the details for this and all other challenges in the Weekly SH*T List posted every Thursday by Monika @monikozi. Thank you, Monika!
November 23rd, 2021
Heheee... Most welcome, Chris!
Congratulations on winning the challenge and thanks for picking it up so promptly!
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