Black & White Challenge: bw-67

December 4th, 2021
The theme for the next black & Whtie Challenge is words. The photo can't be an image of only a word or words. The word or words must be an integral part of a larger composition, such as a street scene. Try juxtaposition and humor. Use double exposure or the blending of two images. Be creative. No restrictions as to the source of the words. Graffiti. A marquee. Street sign. An advertisement. Words written in condensation, dust, sand. For non-English words just provide a translation.

Tag: bw-67

Dated: Starting 12/5/21 and ending 1/5/2022

Finally, I want to thank Ann (@olivetreeann) for running the last challenge, and I want to extend an even bigger thank you to everyone who voted for my winning window.

December 4th, 2021
interesting theme
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