B&W challenge #68. “Leading Lines”

January 17th, 2022
Thank you to Andy Macera @andymacera for hosting b&w #67 and to everyone who participated. Moving on to the next b&w challenge, I have scanned the extensive list of previous themes and finally decided on the compositional element “leading lines”.
Backdating this challenge ( in case you have a photo recently taken that could be used) to January 6. End date will be February 10. Please tag your photo bw-68.
Photos must be taken during the time frame. Here is the list of previous b&w themes, which I have updated.

bw-1 High contrast
bw-2 Architecture
bw-3 Glassware
bw-4 Body parts
bw-5 Festivities
bw-6 Faces
bw-7 Landscape
bw-8 Patterns
bw-9 Still life
bw-10 Reflections
bw-11 Movement
bw-12 Seasons
bw-13 Silhouettes
bw-14 High key
bw-15 Fashion
bw-16 Technology
bw-17 Low key
bw-18 Long Exposure
bw-19 Refraction
bw-20 Expression
bw-21 Shadows
bw-22 Edge
bw-23 Flora
bw-24 Writing
bw-25 Negative space
bw-26 Speed
bw-27 food
bw-28 light rays
bw-29 animals
bw-30 minimalism
bw-31 urban
bw-32 stairs
bw-33 curves
bw-34 cracks and crevices
bw-35 Key
bw-36 Trees
bw-37 Drops/Bubbles
bw-38 The love of my life
bw-39 Fairy Tale
bw-40 Make something new look old
bw-41 Shapes and textures in Nature
bw-42 Macro/Extreme closeup
bw-43 Two
bw-44 Footwear
bw-45 Night Time
bw-46 Music!
bw-47 Toys and Games
bw-48 Abstract
bw-49 Cars
bw-50 High key/Low key
bw-51 Handles
bw-52 Bottles
bw-53 Back lighting
bw-54 High contrast photos
bw-55 Group f/64
bw-56 Natural Frame
bw-58 Reportage
bw-59 Fresh
bw-60 Silhouette/s
bw-61 Black on black
bw-62 Intimate Landscape
bw-63 Panorama
bw-64 Decisive Moments
Bw-65 Something forgotten
Bw-66 Windows
Bw-67 Words
Bw-68 Leading lines (current challenge)

Looking forward to your monochrome magnificence!
Entries can be seen here: https://365project.org/tags/Bw-68
January 24th, 2022
Is there a link for the entries?
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