New Mundane Challenge-Peppers

April 25th, 2022

Thanks to Chris @cdcook48 for hosting the last challenge and to all who voted for my coffee picture. I now have the pleasure of hosting the next mundane challenge.

This is a great challenge for thinking creatively about the ordinary things we see around us, that we might not otherwise give a second glance, never mind taking a photograph of.

I have decided on the subject PEPPERS

All entries should be taken between the start and end dates and tagged

Start Date – April 26, 2022
End Date - May 26, 2022

You can view entries for this challenge here:

Here is a list of past mundane challenges:-
[A] aluminum foil, apple
[B] ballpoint pen, banana, bar of soap, battery, beds, bench, biscuits, blinds, books, bottle tops, bottle, box, bread, brick(s) broom, bubbles, buckle, button
[C] camera, can-opener, candles, cardboard, chain, chocolate, clock/s (2), clothes peg/pin, coffee, coin, cord/wire, corkscrew, crayon, cup/mug, curtain, cutlery,
[D] door handle
[E] egg(s), elastic (rubber) band, electric plug, envelopes
[F] fence, flip flops, fork, frying pan
[G] garlic, gate, gears, glass, glasses
[H] hair comb, hammer, hanger, hat, hex key, hinge, hose-pipe, human ear
[I] ice, index finger, iron
[J] jarJuice
[K] key, keyboard, knob
[L] lampshade, language, leaf, lens, light bulb, light-switch, lock/locks
[M] magazine, mail, mailbox, match, mirror, mobile phone, mouse (non-furry),
[N] nail, notebook, nut (hardware)
[O] Oil, onion
[P] paintbrush/es, paper clip, paper cup, paper, pasta, pencil, pill (x2), pillow, plastic bag, plate, playing cards, power pole, pumpkin, pattern
[R] rake, road markings, road signs, rock, rocks, rubber, ruler
[S] salt and pepper, salt, saucepan, scissors, screw, screwdriver, seed(s), shoe, shoelaces, soap, sock, spatula, sponge, stairs, strainer, sugar, sweets/candy
[T] tack, tap (faucet), tea bag, thermometer, thread, tin can, tire/tyre, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpick, towel, twist tie, tinsel
[U] umbrella
[V] vegetable(s), veggie peeler,
[W] wastepaper-basket, watch, wheel, whisk, window
April 25th, 2022
Shades of Edward Weston. I like it. I’d like to apologize for not responding to your request on how to set up a new challenge. Just after posting the announcement of your selection as winner I was struck down by Covid and have been out of commission for nearly a week. Fortunately, Wendy @farmreporter responded. I’m thinking that in future, challenge hosts should automatically provide that link when announcing the winner. Once again, congratulations on your wonderful image and I hope you get a good response to the pepper challenge.
April 26th, 2022
@cdcook48 Oh yes! Edward Weston :) Thank you Chris. No need to apologize. I hope you are feeling better. Covid is horrible. I figured out the first part pretty easily. We will see when the next part comes around.
April 27th, 2022
@pamalama I'm feeling much better. Thankyou. I guess everyone figures out their own system. My method, once I have settled on the finalists, is to open two windows on my desktop. One shows all the entrants, the other is the the New Topic window in Themes and Competitions. In the entrant window I click on one of my finalists. This takes me to their page and I click on the share icon, copy their image info to the clipboard then go to the New Topic window, type in the image title and their name then paste the image info underneath. Rinse and repeat. Easy. Hope this helps.
April 28th, 2022
@cdcook48 I am glad you are feeling better. Thank you for sharing your method. I appreciate it!
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