New Mundane Challenge

August 9th, 2022
Here we go on another round of finding something interesting in the mundane. I was honoured that my image of rusty screws was selected in the last challenge. Thanks to @amyk for hosting and thanks to all who took the time to view and vote for the finalists.

This challenge is all about looking at everyday objects with a creative eye. Find something new to say about them, view them in a different light. Try a new technique that helps enhance the object and puts it on a different level. Or go minimal. Whatever you decide to do that can make the object the star. This time around the mundane subject will be something all of us use every day. You are probably even using one as you read this. A chair.

I am really looking forward to seeing what you all do with this. Let your creative juices flow and lets see what you come up with.

The challenge will be backdated to August 1 and will end on August 31
All entries must be taken between those dates.
Enter as many images as you like but, as usual, only one may be selected as a finalist.

Tag your entries: mundane-chair2022

You can view entries for this challenge here:

For the record, here is the complete list of past challenges:

[A] aluminum foil, apple
[B] ballpoint pen, banana, bar of soap, battery, beds, bench, biscuits, blinds, books, bottle tops, bottle, box, bread, brick(s) broom, bubbles, buckle, button
[C] camera, can-opener, candles, cardboard, chain, chocolate, clock/s (2), clothes peg/pin, coffee, coin, cord/wire, corkscrew, crayon, cup/mug, curtain, cutlery,
[D] door handle
[E] egg(s), elastic (rubber) band, electric plug, envelopes, eggcup
[F] fence, flip flops, fork, frying pan
[G] garlic, gate, gears, glass, glasses
[H] hair comb, hammer, hanger, hat, hex key, hinge, hose-pipe, human ear
[I] ice, index finger, iron
[J] jar, Juice
[K] key, keyboard, knob
[L] lampshade, language, leaf, lens, light bulb, light-switch, lock/locks
[M] magazine, mail, mailbox, match, mirror, mobile phone, mouse (non-furry),
[N] nail, notebook, nut (hardware)
[O] Oil, onion
[P] paintbrush/es, paper clip, paper cup, paper, pasta, pencil, pill (x2), pillow, plastic bag, plate, playing cards, power pole, pumpkin, pattern, peppers
[R] rake, road markings, road signs, rock, rocks, rubber, ruler, rust
[S] salt and pepper, salt, saucepan, scissors, screw, screwdriver, seed(s), shoe, shoelaces, soap, sock, spatula, sponge, stairs, strainer, sugar, sweets/candy
[T] tack, tap (faucet), tea bag, thermometer, thread, tin can, tire/tyre, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpick, towel, twist tie, tinsel
[U] umbrella
[V] vegetable(s), veggie peeler,
[W] wastepaper-basket, watch, wheel, whisk, window
August 9th, 2022
@farmreporter Just a heads up for the new challenge Wendy
August 9th, 2022
Chris you may want to consider changing the tag Most of the pictures that come up are from 2014
August 10th, 2022
Oh. I thought chair hadn’t been used before as it isn’t in the list. I’ll change it right away. Thanks for the heads up.
August 11th, 2022
Nice choice
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