Non-Domestic Animals Outside 8

September 20th, 2022
Thank you, Liz @spanishliz, for hosting the last round of the Non-Domestic Animals Outside Challenge. There were so many great entries and I am honored to have my little prairie dog be the winner.

Now it is my turn to host the next round and I'm looking forward to your great entries - so many ways to go! The subject area is extensive and can include wild animals, farm animals, zoo animals, birds, butterflies, insects - nearly any animal except pets.

Starting date: September 17 (backdated to include the weekend)
Ending date : October 20
Tag: NDAO8

September 21st, 2022
Congratulations and thanks Milanie. i just happen to have taken two already!
September 21st, 2022
The correct link is
September 21st, 2022
@mastermek thanks for catching my missing s!
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