ETSOOI 148 starts today

December 1st, 2022
Hello everyone,

Many thanks to all for selecting my manipulated photo as the winner of ETSOOI-147. I very much appreciate it.

== A brief history of how this challenge was brought to light: Mary Beth Dailey began ETSOOI (’Editing the Shenanigans Out of It’ she said, or ‘Editing the Sorryness Out Of It’ as others have termed it) when a photo she shot didn’t turn out quite as planned.

She edited/manipulated the photo, and came up with interesting and creative results in post-processing. She then pivoted her experience into a challenge for the rest of the 365 community. ==

There are two rules for this challenge:

1) Your base photo must have been taken within the designated time frame (see below).

2) The original photo must have been taken by you.

There are no limits on how the photo is edited. Try the surreal, the brightly coloured, sepia, duotone, double-exposure, abstract, B/W; or try something you haven't tried before, maybe with that long-forgotten app, or anything that fires up a creative thought process.

A few suggestions for apps and programs:
Prisma, Carbon, Sky Lab, PhotoLeap, Picsart, PhotoRoom, Tiny Planets, Graphite, Noir, VSCO, Polarr, Deep Art Effects, Paintation, Topaz, Lightroom, Distressed FX.

There are also free-to use websites such as,, and for phone and tablet apps: Snapseed, PicsArt, Pencil Sketch Free Camera360, Deep Art Effects, Hyperspektiv, and ToonCamera.

You may enter as many images as you wish, but only one of your uploads is legible to be considered as a finalist contender in the shortlist.

The photographer of the photo that I feel has most successfully ETSOOI-ed his or her image receives the honor of hosting the next ETSOOI challenge.

We’re all very much looking forward to seeing your creative spirit displayed in what you initially assumed were photos to be discarded.

ETSOOI 148 runs from Dec 01 2022 to Jan 01, 2023.

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