BW-77, the winners !

January 16th, 2023
A close-final with a dead heat between @cocokinetic and @joysabin, with these marvelous but quite different photos on the theme of traffic.

Congratulations to both of you. I think Karen has recently won the Scenes of the Road challenge and will be running the next round of that, so I hope she won't mind if I avoid the usual re-run and just ask Walks @ 7 to choose the subject and launch BW-78.
January 16th, 2023
That's fine, Tim, thanks. Way to go, Walks @joysabin! 🤩
January 16th, 2023
@laroque Good idea!!
January 17th, 2023
Wow, how cool, thank you all so very kindly. Happy to choose, gotta think though
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