New BLD Challenge - Dessert

November 13th, 2023
Many thanks to Cristina @cristinaledesma33 for hosting the last round of BLD. For this next round I have chosen the theme of dessert. With Christmas on the horizon I know that many of you will be preparing Christmas goodies such as shortbread cookies, Christmas puddings, fruit cakes, etc. Or your dessert need not have anything at all to do with Christmas, just something you have ordered when dining out or eating with friends and family. Heck, even an ice cream cone melting all over a kid’s face - anything goes, as long as it can be considered a dessert of some kind. The competition starts today, November 12, and ends Wednesday, December 14. All photos must be taken between those dates. Have fun and remember - make the food the star.

Please tag your entries BLD-25

Entries may be viewed at

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