April 1st, 2024
Hey All,
Here are the words for APRIL. Thanks to those who gave suggestions for "A" words.
This challenge is a great place for those who occasionally lose their mojo and need ideas or inspiration.

Feel free to do one word, a few, or all of them. They can be done in any order you choose, or on the suggested day. Pop in daily, or just on occasion.

Apologies that some of the bonus section is hard to read.....
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) and TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20) are the signs for April
The lovely daisy and sweet pea are the official birth flowers of April.
The Australian native associated with April is the Eremophila. Also known as Emu Bush, Eremophila have longed been used in Aboriginal tribal life in both cultural and medicinal roles. The Eremophila comes in a variety of colours from deep purple to vibrant red.
The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April.

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Have fun!
April 1st, 2024
Love how you have put all the words in a 'A' ... very creative!
April 6th, 2024
I'm getting a late start on the April words but love the A theme! I'll probably end up juggling them around too- I've got three speaking engagements this month and a ton of writing to do!! Great job on putting another creative month together Annie!
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