Street Art #15 is up and running

June 10th, 2024
Thankyou to Pat (@pattyblue) for hosting Street Art 14 and thankyou to all who participated with entries and by voting. I love the street art challenge as it provides so many wonderful photo opportunities.
Art on the street can be any form of artistic enhancement of built spaces or structures—wall art, sculptures, art installations, even sometimes graffiti.
From the original posting of this challenge, some tips for capturing your street art:

Here's the info you need to take part in this challenge:

Enter once, enter often, but only one entry per person can be included in the final selection for voting.

Tag your entries— street-art-15
Start Date—June 5, 2024 (backdated to the end of the last challenge).
End Date—July 5, 2024

All photos must be taken and posted within this time frame.

Submitted entries may be viewed here:
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