Find Beauty in the Unexpected- Join the Eye of the Beholder Challenge

July 8th, 2024
Have you ever been photographing something that you thought was worthy of a shot while others shook their heads and wondered what in the world you were seeing? Well, this is the challenge for you. It’s all about using your photographic eye to find interest and beauty in subjects you wouldn’t normally think of. The challenge is to portray your subject in a way that comes across as artistic or pleasing when that subject wouldn’t normally catch someone’s eye.

Mild post-processing is fine, but remember it’s the subject that matters most in this challenge and the more common, unexpected and mundane, the better, so pay attention to the elements that drew you to the photograph and work with those.

There are only two rules which apply to this challenge:
1) the photo must be taken within the specified time frame, and,
2) the photo must be taken by you.

EOTB 157 entries can be taken anytime between July 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024. (The start date is back-dated to give you a whole month’s worth of photos to choose from.)

Tag- EOTB-157

You may enter as many images as you wish, but only one of your entries will be eligible for the short list if selected.

Dorothea Lange is well known for her quote, “The camera is a tool that teaches people to see without a camera.” This challenge is tailor-made for bringing out your ability to see without the camera. Give it a shot (pun intended!); it’s a fun way to expand what you might consider to be a good one.

As always- thanks to my predecessor, Andrew-Bede Allsop @allsop for hosting the previous round and to all of you who voted for my image. I’m looking forward to seeing what catches your fancy for this round.

Ann LeFevre
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