Time for ICM-4

July 8th, 2024
Thank Wendy @photohoot for hosting the last. Thank you all that entered and voted. I am honored to have been selected from so many excellent entries.

Since my winning entry was a photo of waves and it's hot out, the theme for ICM-4 is water (yes, I know I have water on the brain). Go out and shake or pan or twirl or zoom your camera at waves, waterfalls, long tall glasses of H2O, ice (yes, it is water), your shower or your bath (keep it clean), and/or that steaming teapot.

Tag your images icm-4

New to ICM, here is some info:
ICM, or intentional camera movement, is a creative way to take a subject and create an abstract image by moving the camera during exposure. The technique generates movement to an image, or adds an ethereal element to a photo. It can also produce an impressionistic quality to an image. The possibilities are almost endless for a single subject as one moves their camera horizontally, vertically, twirls it around, or zooms in or out during exposure.

Get inspired… move those cameras and make some unique images. You can also use your phone camera to make ICMs. 

Links to get you started:

Lightstalking by Dahlia (include info for using a Smartphone camera)

Franklin Arts


Digital Photography School

The fourth ICM challenge will backdate to July 1 and will continue through July 31. Please add the tag ICM-4 to any photos you enter into the challenge. Enter as many images as you want, but only one can be chosen for voting. Also, though a longer exposure is needed for ICM, this is not a long exposure challenge. Evidence of camera movement must be present.

Past ICM themes:
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Water (current)

All entries must be taken between July 1 through July 31.
Tag entries icm-4
Entries can be seen here: https://365project.org/tags/icm-4

Good luck and have fun while intentionally moving your camera at water in all it's forms.
July 8th, 2024
You are a great Host. This should be fun and interesting.
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