Here's your chance to show us something that annoys you.

July 10th, 2024
Thank you to Joanne @gardencat for hosting the last Curse of the Modern Age Challenge and to all who participated in the challenge and the voting.
This challenge, started about a couple of months ago by Andrew-Bede Allsop, is meant as a place to highlight some of those modern day annoyances that make you just a little crazy . It could be an example of littering, annoying behaviours that are becoming commonplace, such as speaking loudly on a mobile phone, current fashion trends or in fact anything you see that you now find annoying. I have included links to the entries for the last two months to give you a feel for some more subjects.

It is meant to be a fun challenge, so perhaps, explain why it annoys you but no rants please, keep your description and comments light hearted.

The usual two rules apply for this challenge: 1) The photo must be taken by you, 2) It must be taken within the dates specified.

I have chosen not to specify a theme for this month so that should give everyone plenty of scope to photograph some of those things that niggle you.

I have back dated the starting date to July1st and the closing date will be July 31st.

Please tag your entry Curse-3

entries for the challenge can be viewed here:
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