Advice on using a macro lens

January 3rd, 2018
I got a wide angle lens for use with my Canon Rebel xsi and it came with a macro lens as well. I can't get my camera to focus with the macro lens at all, no matter what setting I try. Is there a trick to using the Vivitar 58mm Wide Angle with macro lens? It didn't come with any kind of instructions and I'm a bit of a rookie at this.
Thank you!
January 3rd, 2018
Add on lenses such as that usually don't have infinite focus and have a rather short maximum focal range (depending on the lens it's used with). For example with my Canon Close up lens and a 250mm it's something like 15cm from the end of the lens.

The easiest way to focus with this type of setup is to switch the lens it's mounted on to manual focus. Then move the camera close and closer until you find the focal point. After this you can "focus" by moving the camera closer and further from the subject (normally about 20cm from the end of the lens, or less or more).

With macro it's generally good to have lots and lots of light, and have a wider than normal aperture. Something like f7.1, as in macro ranges Depth of Field is also made tiny. You can get some pleasing results with setups like this and practice! :D
January 4th, 2018
@miseria Thank you for the advice! I will keep trying.
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