Snail #2  On the move. by dulciknit

Snail #2 On the move.

It's been raining here today, so the garden snails have been active. I found this one making its way up the trunk of our old apple tree. The stems belong to an ivy which was threatening to choke the tree. Lester cut them a while ago in order to save the tree.
I haven't seen such a colorful snail!
April 5th, 2011  
Great detail and the color of the shell really pops against the more neutral background. NIce!!
April 6th, 2011  
You captured a lot of detail and textures. Love his\her shell.
I can never resist poking their antenna things to see them pull them right back into their head then slowly push them out again.
April 6th, 2011  
@bobi73 @tink939 @natsnell Thank you :-) They are quite brightly coloured and very contrasty. I can only think it's an attempt to discourage birds.
@natsnell This one and some of the others I found seemed to sense a presence of some sort. If I got too close they went indoors for a while.
April 6th, 2011  
What colourful snails you have! Brilliant close-up.
April 6th, 2011  
Lovely colour. I'd still squash it if I saw it in my garden though ;-)
April 7th, 2011  
@hamble @bigsusan55
Thank you. :-) They only seem to eat the shrub I don't like and can't get rid of, Susan, so they're welcome to it! :-)
April 7th, 2011  
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