30th April 2024 by emmadurnford

30th April 2024

We had a leisurely start the day before catching the train up town. Needless to say there was yet another problem with the trains so we caught the slower one which is actually only about 8 minutes slower but feels like half an hour!

We had a restaurant booking to finally use a voucher that I had given Colin a couple of years ago initially for a gliding experience, then changed to a meal at Loch Fyne (which went out of business), before a final change with no time extension for a meal at a sushi restaurant called Inamo in Soho.

We started by heading for the British Museum and were very surprised to discover that we can no longer enter by the front entrance but now have to walk all the way around to Montague Place to enter from the back! Somehow Colin managed to sneak in the front behind some ticket holders whilst I had to walk all the way around to the back and queue to have my bag searched! When we eventually met up inside it was incredibly busy. We explored a few rooms including some with hoards discovered by metal detector. We then got tired of the crowds and left with a leisurely walk to the restaurant, stopping for a ‘comfort break’ in an Asian food hall in New Oxford Street with amazing glass Venetian lights by a sculptor called Sebastien Wrong.

We enjoyed some rare warm spring sunshine in Soho Square before walking to the restaurant a few minutes away but close to the Admiral Duncan pub that was nail-bombed 25 years ago to the day which was rather shocking.

The restaurant was at best ‘interesting’. It was gimmicky with a specific time allowed at the tables. Everything had to be ordered using the interactive table top which sadly was not very interactive and very unresponsive. I was getting more and more annoyed trying the place an order. After forty minutes we managed it. Despite having paid nearly £70 for unlimited sushi for 1.5 hours, I still had to pay nearly £30 for four drinks (two of which were soft drinks) and a service charge that had been calculated on the voucher value and not the actual drinks bought. Over all not impressed at all.

At least our journey home was fairly straight forward this time.
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