Turkeys in da 'Hood by falcon11

Turkeys in da 'Hood

My son sighted 15 wild turkeys in our neighborhood yesterday during the morning rain. I grabbed my raincoat and plastic camera shroud and set out to get a few shots. My neighbor was chasing them out of her yard where they were feasting on her newly laid grass seed just as I arrived with my camera. There were about 15 in all—two adult females and 2 broods of 6 or 7 each. They moved into the next neighbor’s yard where I saw them a while later roosting in the Adirondack chairs (too funny). There were a few ruffled feathers, but I caught these two relaxing under Mom’s watchful eye.
Great story!
August 17th, 2011  
Beautiful capture and great story to go with it! It's such a treat to be able to watch these wild birds!
August 17th, 2011  
That's quite a flock! We don't get wild turkeys here in SA.
August 17th, 2011  
great find and great capture, they are hard to get a good shot of in the wild.... well done!!
August 17th, 2011  
Great chase and capture, awesome story and shot! Too bad about the grass seed! They move quickly! They look quite comfortable in da 'hood. lol. Not much wonder when your neighbours put out chairs for them.
August 18th, 2011  
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