Don’t know where to start by fauxtography365

Don’t know where to start

Not sure if I’m back regularly but I’m back…trying to avoid the account being inactive and then deleted as a result.

Can’t believe 10 years ago I did my first and only complete 365 project. I never skipped a day or cheated with “filler pics”; I always posted on the day the pic was taken.

I’ve realized the subject matter of my pics hasn’t really changed over the years. I still post pics of food or NY/NYC, sunsets and the beach, my lips or half nekkid selfies. I guess that’s what I like.

In any event, hope all is well. I don’t come here often…I don’t see even half of the people with whom I used to interact with here. But it’s nice to check in and say hi.




hi :) always good to see people come back even if its just to say hello. seems hard to pick up the habit of a daily photo after a long break, i dont post every day anymore myself after 10 years here!
September 14th, 2023  
this looks delicious by the way
September 14th, 2023  
Welcome back. That looks so so delicious!
September 15th, 2023  
@kali66 hello again - always nice to hear from you :)

September 18th, 2023  
@kjarn hello and thanks. And it was quite delicious :) hope you are well!
September 18th, 2023  
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