problem? no, there’s no problem… by graemestevens

problem? no, there’s no problem…

yep I can see you're all sorted :)
December 13th, 2023  
You're going to be busy!
December 13th, 2023  
Burying the evidence eh?
December 13th, 2023  
Very funny. Great shot.
December 13th, 2023  
You can't just bury your problems, they might come back
December 13th, 2023  
I love how bagman takes care of business. ;)
December 13th, 2023  
Hope that’s not Santa🎅🏻
December 13th, 2023  
Just a little late night gardening, I assume.
December 13th, 2023  
Everyone says so and then suffers alone.
December 13th, 2023  
December 14th, 2023  
You are smiling! .... or is that a fake smile?!
December 14th, 2023  
@lynnz I’ll never tell!
@kwind Thank you kindly :)
@haskar Not me…I’ll gladly deal with it…
@gardencat …yes?
@joemuli It will be if he lands on my lawn again…
@juliedduncan One nincompoop at a time…
@swchappell Unless you burn ‘em first!
@johnfalconer Thanks very much :)
@wakelys What evidence? ;)
@jamibann Big holes. many holes.
@annied Under control…first time for everything!
December 14th, 2023  
Not believing it.
December 14th, 2023  
I hope you didn't bury all the little guys
December 14th, 2023  
A little grave robbing perhaps? Did Bag Man supply the storm troopers with that skull a few days ago?
December 14th, 2023  
@cdcook48 Bag Man has a plentiful supply of body parts - not that you’d know it with that innocent face ;)
@kjarn Good lord no, who would do the house work?
@yaorenliu ;)
December 15th, 2023  
And there is the added bonus that, in a few months and you'll have a nice human skull to play with. 💀
December 21st, 2023  
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