tea, rex…now by graemestevens

tea, rex…now

when he wants his tea, he wants his tea

for my image for the Five Plus Two theme of “Painted & Decorated” feel free to click on the conveniently supplied link below:

I find lemongrass and ginger relaxing but maybe he'd prefer blood and bone hahahaha.
December 17th, 2023  
Excellent! The Dragon's breath maybe a problem for one of them though!
December 17th, 2023  
Tea bag? I thought he’d want leaves
December 17th, 2023  
Fair enough too
December 17th, 2023  
If he stays there he may end up being tea.
December 17th, 2023  
That teacup must be bigger than it looks!
December 17th, 2023  
yeah I'd be the same without my morning cuppa
December 17th, 2023  
I'm thinking he needs coffee not tea!
December 17th, 2023  
LOL, your mind is a think to behold!
December 17th, 2023  
Rex looks to be an Earl Grey Dino with a little bit of attitude.
December 17th, 2023  
December 17th, 2023  
Nice, but somehow I'd imagine that Rexy there would have a less flowery tea cup
December 17th, 2023  
He has a sweet tooth... Can't blame him.
December 17th, 2023  
TEA rific 👌🌟
December 17th, 2023  
Are Mr. Rex drinks this tea or bathes in it?
December 17th, 2023  
@haskar A bit of both I think…
@joemuli Ha! I see what you did there ;)
@photohoot Guilty of that as well!
@swchappell He’s in touch with his feminine side :)
@agnesvanderlindeicloudcom Thanks very much :)
@wakelys PG Tips!
@photographycrazy Don’t look too closely!
@christinav He’ll get what he’s given!
@koalagardens Likewise, just less scaly ;)
@ljmanning Or he’s smaller than you think ;)
@gardencat A soak won’t hurt him…he may even relax
@kjarn Preach it sister ;)
@jgpittenger There’s a cost of living crisis…
@corinnec It’ll heat things up nicely…
@annied mmmm blood and bone ;)
December 18th, 2023  
@graemestevens blood and bone has a distinctive aroma 🤣
December 18th, 2023  
English Breakfast. One sugar, no cream. Stat!
December 18th, 2023  
Nice to see Mando scurrying about
December 18th, 2023  
So creative
December 18th, 2023  
@pdulis Thanks very much :)
@joysabin He needs the exercise :)
@cdcook48 ew, sugar ;)
December 19th, 2023  
Chai with hot milk on the side for me, thanks!
December 21st, 2023  
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