Blinded By the Light by grammyn

Blinded By the Light

a quick attempt for the technique challenge for a friend who always supports me! I wanted to enter the album challenge too but feel that may not happen by tomorrow My husband bought me a light box about the time I stopped posting so I was happy to have a chance to use it
I'm always glad to see you again.
August 29th, 2019  
Great high key! And minimalism.
August 29th, 2019  
Well done!
August 29th, 2019  
August 29th, 2019  
August 29th, 2019  
A fabulous shot Katy, could be tagged for the songtitle-54 :-)
August 29th, 2019  
This is stunning!
August 29th, 2019  
Superb photo!! And extra points because it's a BALL! FAV!
August 29th, 2019  
Good to see this has got PP, Katy! A light box is so good - I made one out of cardboard but it got squashed. I'll see if I can get another!
August 29th, 2019  
Good work with the light box Katy! I have to do my high key shot and fyi, the next edition of the album challenge will be posted this weekend sometime. Physical therapy is kind of taking over my life right now- but in a good way. I'm driving!
August 29th, 2019  
Love highkey effects so much. The light and detail look amazing!!
September 1st, 2019  
Nice photo! Glad to see you back once in a while. Hope school is going well. Fav.
September 4th, 2019  
@tunia @taffy @amyk @homeschoolmom @photographycrazy @ludwigsdiana @louannwarren @wyomingsis @maggiemae @olivetreeann @cjphoto @eudora First let me apologize for taking so long to respond to your kind comments. I read them all and should have responded sooner. How nice of you Tunia, glad you think so Taffy, thanks bunches Amy, l appreciate that Lisa, very generous photocrazy, I should have done that but didn't get around to it Diana and thanks, you are far too kind Lou Ann especially to give me a FAV, LOL Jolene, I didn't even think of that! and thanks for the FAV, I was surprised to see it MM l am sure yours was every bit as good as mine,glad to hear you are driving Ann and I understand about life taking over, always nice to hear such nice comments from you Chris, thanks for the FAV and constant support Diane.
September 10th, 2019  
nailed it ....
September 12th, 2019  
Love the lines
September 13th, 2019  
@lesip so kind of you to FAV and praise!♥
@sdutoit that means a lot to me Sylvia. How are you doing?
September 14th, 2019  
Manfred Mann would be proud....
September 27th, 2019  
@jayberg LOL! High praise thanks Jay
September 27th, 2019  
Aced this! Great high key image. So nice to see you pop in from time to time. So far surviving this semester. Hang in there! I, myself, know I couldn’t manage going back to school so I’ll do it vicariously. :-)
September 28th, 2019  
@mcsiegle LOL! I’m glad to let you live vicariously through me but I will sure be glad when it’s over. Thanks for taking the time Mary and for the FAV
September 28th, 2019  
Love your photo. Had to pop in and see what you’ve been up to. Glad you’re still around.
September 28th, 2019  
@darsphotos What a surprise. I was just wondering about you the other day. Since I went back to school I am not here very often but try to check in every other week or so. No posting for the most part but making an occasional comment
September 29th, 2019  
Well done. A great image.
October 1st, 2019  
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