Is That All?! by grammyn

Is That All?!

It took so much time to make so it feels like there should be so much more than this little bit I put out. It will still be good though. There are just a few store bought items but most of it I made.

Merry Christmas to all my 365 friends.
Oh my goodness! I am certain that will make a wonderful dinner! 😘 maybe even enough for leftovers for breakfast!! What a marvelous spread! Merry Christmas to all! 💖🎄
December 24th, 2020  
This looks so good, enjoy, enjoy!!!
December 24th, 2020  
A veritable feast of treats
December 24th, 2020  
They should enjoy all the treats and know how much you are thinking of them.
December 25th, 2020  
What a feast for the eyes, You sure have been a busy Elf. Merry Christmas to you and yours Katy.
December 25th, 2020  
Yum, yum and more yum!
December 25th, 2020  
How delicious and elegantly displayed. Seems I spent all day yesterday baking (I didn't) between the preparing, baking and washing up. These should tickle the sweet tooth of anyone present.
December 25th, 2020  
Beautiful! And I know it is all delicious!
December 25th, 2020  
Wonderful spread of treats! Merry Christmas to you.
December 25th, 2020  
You must be knackered! A bountiful delicious repast.

Hope you enjoyed your hot pies and there's loads for cold today

Very merry Christmas 🎄
December 25th, 2020  
Looks great. Merry Christmas.
December 25th, 2020  
A feast for the eyes!
Merry Christmas to you.
December 25th, 2020  
no, i believe there should be more. there are still a lot of space on that table. come on, fill 'er up!

merry Christmas, girlfriend. i hope you have a wonderful day today with your family. stay well and stay safe.♥
December 25th, 2020  
pass me a plate please .... oh no calories ...
December 26th, 2020  
@wyomingsis You are right! It served as supper yesterday and breakfast, lunch and supper tonight! Well, ...this and the meat pies! Thank you
@dutchothotmailcom I think everyone liked it Thanks Esther
@ricksnap LOL! How nice of you to say Rick!
@shutterbug49 I think they did Debbie thanks bunches
@ludwigsdiana How nice of you to say Diana. I am glad I can rest for a while now. I hope your Christmas was blessed and memorable especially with your daughter there!
@olivetreeann LOL Thanks so much Ann
@randystreat That is really so nice of you to say KAthy. I know that feeling. I think everyone liked at least some of it
@louannwarren thank you so much Lou Ann. I thought it was and apparently several others did too!
@amyk Thank you Amy. Best wishes to you as well
@30pics4jackiesdiamond I absolutley was. There were plenty left over for today too Thank you so much!
@johnfalconer How nice of you John thank you very much and same to you
@gijsje Thank you bep. I hope you had a blessed Christmas too
@summerfield LOL! Only you would insist on more!! Thank you for the good wishes and I did have a great time with the family. Hope your Christmas was blessed
@lesip I have one especially for you with no calories at all! ♥
December 26th, 2020  
You are amazing! It all looks so good.
December 26th, 2020  
@eudora I think you are easily impressed! But thank you very much. Everyone seemed to like it!
December 27th, 2020  
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