Cookie Shaped Cookies by hbdaly

Cookie Shaped Cookies

The best kind....

I inexplicably volunteered to make cookies for both of the older two's Valentine parties at school this week. They both said - in no uncertain terms - that they didn't want fancy pink cookies - just my tried and true chocolate chip. So, in an attempt to be Martha Stewart (which is really never a good idea for someone like me) I thought I'll just make my usual cookies but make them heart shaped! Aren't I clever?.... Well, the first batch went into the oven (after considerable effort) shaped like precious little hearts and came out....looking like every other cookie I've ever made.... Not a heart to be seen! So as you can imagine, I put considerably less effort into the remaining batches. Blobs all around! I'm sure you can still taste the love though... ;-)
I am with the boys on this one. I believe that cookies are made to be eaten. What they look like is immaterial.
February 11th, 2016  
Haha! I love how kids react to us! I always made fancy cookies and squares and cakes and home-made chocolates. When my daughter got married we talked about what kind of wedding cake she might want (made by someone else) and in her only Bride-zilla moment said "I.just.want.plain.vanilla.cupcakes." So much for me wandering through bakeries sampling lovely intricate delicacies with her!
February 12th, 2016  
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