Addition By Subtraction? by hbdaly

Addition By Subtraction?

I have read enough 'Better Homes and Gardens' to realize that a lot of people's landscaping issues revolve around "where to plant those bulbs" and "how to patch that bare spot in your grass"... In my yard it has always been more of a battle against invasive species and stabby things! If the yard looks green than I am happy - whether or not it is actual "grass" is pretty far down my list... Today I ripped out a ridiculously thorny shrub that has been making me cranky since my oldest was about a year old and he managed to eat a berry off it when I wasn't looking. (My one and only call to the Poison Control Center - knock on wood...) Ripping it out made me irrationally happy - but as you can see - I didn't escape unscathed... It was a small price to pay to see it gone though - even if I now have a big ugly empty patch to fill. Put it on the list! In the meantime, Better Homes and Gardens can take their advice about bulbs and stick it.... ;-)
Victory! It's gone and you are the survivor. 👍🏻🤗
April 25th, 2016  
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