Feeling Like Roadkill by hbdaly

Feeling Like Roadkill

Happened upon an ex-squirrel on the road today that had attracted the attention of a couple of Turkey Vultures. I only had my phone handy but I was determined to get a picture since it is so rare to see these birds hanging out on the ground. Usually they are just a graceful dot soaring in the sky. Up close, though, they are not quite so elegant - but they sure are big! This fellow was not happy with me at all. He sat there hissing loudly at me as I took this shot and kept him from his lunch. I'm pretty sure I am now next on his list of upcoming meals.... ;-)
Haha! Good shot. You are right--they are graceful when they are in the sky but ugly closeup. We have so many vultures here that my neighbor jokes that they are the city bird of Fort Pierce.
March 29th, 2017  
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