Before I die, I want to..... by homeschoolmom

Before I die, I want to.....

Gues which one is mine?

We have an interactive mural downtown. It's a giant chalkboard.
save the planet??????
October 8th, 2019  
All of the above.
October 8th, 2019  
Go to France
October 8th, 2019  
Haha, I’ll take all the above!!
October 8th, 2019  
@koalagardens @onewing @brigette @photographycrazy Answer is: Photograph a wild eagle. Happily married for almost 30 years, only God can save His creation, and I've been to France. I actually have plane tickets booked on Nov. 1 to go to Marseille to see my daughter.
October 8th, 2019  
This is a wonderful idea for a community mural!
October 8th, 2019  
Fun photo! As the weather edges towards colder, I'm ready for the Eagles to return to our area. I'd like to get a GOOD photograph of a wild eagle. Maybe someday...
October 9th, 2019  
@lsquared I was thrilled with the shot I got of an eagle swooping over the river in York, VA, even though it was so small, I could barely make out it's white head. I'd like a GOOD one as well.
October 10th, 2019  
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