I see... by jackies365

I see...

flowers in your future! just the ice flowers removed from the cup and backlit. I think this is really the intention of the technique : )
sorry having a hard time commenting lately. something is missing for me not just here but in general. hoping to get out of the slump soon. 2020 is that kind of year . .
Really nice ice flowers! And yes, 2020 is making it tough to stay upbeat...you’re not alone!
September 29th, 2020  
I love this, it's like seeing the world in a beautiful way. Stay strong, call if you need some support.
September 29th, 2020  
this looks lovely. hope you find some things to help perk you up
September 29th, 2020  
the colours are lovely
hope you can find the missing and feel better soon
September 29th, 2020  
beautiful, fav!
September 29th, 2020  
Creative idea, Jackie. The backlighting really brings the flowers to life. I share your sentiments about 2020; I think, no, I know, the year's events are the reason there are so many blank days in my project since May or June or somewhere in there.
September 29th, 2020  
so very pretty. i do hope your joie de vivre returns before long. 2020 sure has been a strange one :(
September 29th, 2020  
Another lovely ice flower shot! Sorry to hear you're struggling. If it helps any, you're in good company. I feel like I'm slipping into the abyss most days. Never felt so alone. Praying that this all passes soon and we'll be the better for it. This sounds so trite to me, but hopefully you know what I mean.
September 30th, 2020  
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