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Hi, there! I'm a nature lover and grace chaser in western Pennsylvania (USA); and I'm beginning this project to capture God's gifts as a way of increasing my gratitude, to improve my photography and observation skills, and to have fun!

I am a happy homemaker with a wonderful, supportive husband and two grown children. My husband and I spend many hours nature-watching on our 2.5 acres of Certified Wildlife Habitat where there's always something amazing to see and photograph. We love bicycling, traveling, and dining at new restaurants; and we do all three as often as we can. I enjoy volunteer work, Bible studying, gardening, antiquing, birdfeeding, cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting, reading, baking, and entertaining. I sure do wish there were more hours in each day!

I'll be chasing amazing grace with my Nikon D7100. Thank you for viewing my profile. I hope my project brightens your day, and I welcome your comments and critique!


January 1, 2017 Update: I began this project in 2015 for incentive to capture God’s gifts as a way of increasing my gratitude, and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience; but admittedly, at the completion of my project, I sought the freedom of observing His goodness without my camera in hand. It didn’t take long, however, for me to realize just how much photography helps me appreciate the gifts He bestows. In creating my images, I draw closer to God and cultivate a more grateful heart; so I’m back and excited to begin my second year, which I will devote to creating a photographic gratitude journal. Onward!


January 1, 2018 Update: Since I took some time off during 2017 to enjoy planning and attending our son's wedding, I'll complete my second year in 2018. Thanks to all who stop by for a look. Your comments and critique are certainly welcome and appreciated!