Hedz Up by johnmaguire

Hedz Up

About a month ago this place showed up at the end of our street replacing a quiet office for the discrete mechanic next door to it.

At first we were just disappointed by the fact that they removed a really cool "horse door" at the entrance. It seems like almost every day it gets more gaudy however. The neon lights, the colorful banner... they just got the blow-up balloon man yesterday, and then added more signs today.

What really cracks me up is that this is not an easy road to turn off of, and they only have a single parking spot. Not only that, but there is ANOTHER head shop around the corner that's much easier to access! I don't expect them to stay in business long.
That is different!
October 6th, 2022  
I guess they need as much as possible to attract customers!
October 6th, 2022  
The balloon is pretty gaudy! Ever since they legalized weed in New York these stores are popping up everywhere! We have 3 in our town now. The name is pretty funny.
October 6th, 2022  
That would definitely be annoying! With one parking space though, maybe they're hoping to do a lot of on-line business or their prices will attract customers from the competition. At least it made for a quick shot!
October 8th, 2022  
I noticed today that the inflatable balloon man got stuck in the tree, lol.
October 8th, 2022  
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