Soft Boom of Colors by joysabin

Soft Boom of Colors

No more fisheye but still a lensbaby. This is taken with a lensbaby L-M 20 which fits to my old iPhone 6.
Very cool effect! I got an attachment for my LG but I can't get a thing out of it. This works very well.
July 2nd, 2022  
Interesting effect.
July 2nd, 2022  
You do a great job getting what you want in focus in focus. By the way, when we meet again, I will give you back your lensbaby…not turning out to be my thing
July 2nd, 2022  
I like the effect here! I've been interested in lensbaby, so this is particularly interesting to me!
July 2nd, 2022  
interesting effect
July 2nd, 2022  
July 2nd, 2022  
@marlboromaam @shutterbug49 @jgpittenger @mistyortegs @shannejw @haskar

Thank you so very much. I really like the Lensbabies for the iPhone but unfortunately they don't make them anymore. I guess they weren't a big seller and of course Apple is always changing the lens locations on their phones. The iPhone6 isn't the same as the iPhone7 - a real shame....
July 4th, 2022  
Very pretty- makes me think of a dream.
July 5th, 2022  
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