This was this morning, yesterday afternoon it looked totally different.
Just beyond the bridge is an entrance to a factory, where the owner of this car works.
He finished work yesterday around 4.00pm, and turned out of the factory to drive under this bridge on his way home. We have had a lot of rain recently and as usual the road was flooded here. The car in front of him stopped, then set off slowly through the water. It stalled halfway, but the driver restarted it and drove out the other side. The water looked about 12 inches/30cms deep. As the other car got through, this driver then set off. Like the other driver, this car also stalled about halfway through, unfortunately he was unable to get it restarted. As he sat there desperately trying to get it going, something behind him broke or was forced out of the way and it allowed tons of water that was massed in the fields to pour down into the hollow.
He said that within ten minutes, the water went from one foot/ 30cms deep to over six feet/ 2 metres deep !!!
As he sat in the car, it started to float, and it spun round to face the way he had just come from.
That gave him hope it might ground higher up, but that was soon dispelled when the water managed to get inside and the car began to sink ! That was the moment he decided to get out and clambered out through the window on to the roof. Which is where he was stood when the fire brigade turned up to rescue him.

I managed with great difficulty, and by driving through several very large stretches of flooded road, via a couple of diversions to reach him from the other direction.
I took him and another worker, who normally cycles to work, home after quite an experience.
When I reached them, he pointed to where his car was.
It was not visible at all ! It was totally submerged, even the roof rack was beneath the waters !!

PS. When I reached that far bridge, the road there was also flooded, as came around the corner, I saw it and stopped to weight up if I could get through it safely. As I paused I saw a van approaching, he straddled the white line in the middle of the road, and came through the water. I saw that if I did the same thing, I could also get through. The van was towing a Range Rover which had no lights on.
I was told that the Range Rover driver was flagged down by factory workers, and told that the water was too deep to go under the bridge.
He said "I will"
They said there is a car totally underwater there !!!
"I will get through " he said.
NO HE DIDN'T !!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like great fun. As long as you don't get stuck!
January 21st, 2021  
Great story
January 21st, 2021  
Wow what a story! Thank good he escaped and no one was hurt!
January 21st, 2021  
Quite a story Mark... I share your puzzlement at the stupidity of some folk.
January 21st, 2021  
That’s some story! Nice of you to help out😊
January 21st, 2021  
what a story. Glad you could at least come to the rescue in part. Well done Mark.
January 21st, 2021  
Nice to know that these idiots exist in other places other than here.
January 21st, 2021  
Wow what a story
January 22nd, 2021  
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